“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ( E. Roosevelt )

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Exhibition of the collection of clocks.
BENEVENTO - ITALY | January 30, 2010.
"Bonum Eventum"...a name that draws inspiration from past eras.
Along the time and space, ancient superstitions come ironically with a title of good luck.

Booth for a "Quelli in Luce", company that produces lampshades.

"Quelli in Luce" is very capable of customizing products and very sensitive to design. I wanted to call their booth "quelli in luce home" becouse I exalted their abilities and their sensitivity with a design house entirely made in lampshades.

www.salvatoreaiello.info - email: info@salvatoreaiello.info - mobile: + 39 347 84 08 668

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