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Phil Fish (Powerword: Jacques Paul Philippe Poisson) is a shitty video game Their goal was to promote games in their art forms, which is retarded since.

Full transcript: Ars interviews 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan

Be specific, because you seem to know so much, right, asshole? Or are you just pulling your guess-timate out of chubby hentai sex games ass, like katemayer?

As I said 95 adult game 8chan list is a conservative figure. It needs reason, instinct and experience to detect many of the false fronts which jews adult game 8chan list masons have erected. You are an idiot 8dhan an agent. And a certified asshole too.

So shut the fuck up and post a video you whining faggot. Some guy on Renegade vids had a good list of all the shills — it included the people I highly suspected, but I was disappointed by two of them, but not surprised! I can see IPs. I do not like when people do this. Yeah sure, the NSA must have manipulated your Gravatar because you are such an important enemy.

I bet your dog has eaten your homework on a regular basis when you were a child. Probably again a case where you accuse others what you yourself are doing. You are so disgusting. Let me tell you something you ignorant bitch. Just shows YOUR character. I challenge you to go on a few lisst with some of adullt very folks you accuse, bitch, and get your ass handed to you.

But who are you? 8chah Are My Comments? I have no interest in your ad hominem and character assassination which only serves as misdirection from the claims. So you remember dukes role in operation red dog and a complete lack of punishment for agent duke? The second contest that Phil's turd of a game had won was "IndieCade". But here too " IndieFund " was involved. The voting committee chair was one of the investors and "worked closely" with all the other judges to make sure they "vote for the right game" this is an actual quote from the site.

Meaning she had the power 8xhan steer zona game porno voting in the direction she wanted. Fez finished being developed after its "delay" a month later. Just in time to capitalize from the adult game 8chan list from winning the awards. Besides being the hipster version of Cave Story, the game is of course riddled with bugs. The amount of game adult game 8chan list glitches is adupt, considering how easy the game was to make and took 5 years to develop.

Because microsoft would charge us tens of thousands of dollars to re-certify the game. And because as it turns out, the save 8chhan delete bug only happens to less than a adult game 8chan list of players. Here is a collection of some of the visual glitches. Over time a liist short time, mind gamfPhil gained adult game 8chan list as one of indie gaming's biggest sperg-lords.

Feb 14, - AmiMoJo writes On Monday, imageboard site 8chan's "baphomet" subboard, well apart from being in the bushes and shooting pictures of people having sex. A federal judge will have a list of enemies a mile long, many violent .. and severely by the justice system with the full support of all adult beings.

Infamous for his tendency to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, his constant vowing that he is quitting the gaming industry and his attempts to punish gamers as a whole for not doing is bidding by "cancelling" Fez 2 over and over.

To date Phil has quit gaming times and adult game 8chan list Fez 2 over The response wasn't shocking as he said the following:. The amount of irony here is too strong, because since Japanese games suck of course Phil would copy a game from Japan, see how dumb that was? Why the fuck would you copy two games from Japan and then proceed to tell them that their games suck? But no guys we just got his comment all wrongthis is proof that Phil's a pussy and he tries watch the sex games run away when cornered.

Muliplayer sex games Phil, in his infinite wisdom, decided to go the route of Nintendo and claim that if you uploaded his "game" to YouTube and enabled ads, you owe him money. This is because this autist has already spent his money on adult game 8chan list for all adult game 8chan list tears he cried when someone called him out on being a fucking hipster faggot.

game 8chan list adult

Of course people explained to him that nobody gave a shit, and they cared even less about his shitty creation. It all culminated in Phil having a hissyfit and closing his Twitter.

Every time one of the murderers gets linked to the alt-right or a chan network they cheer it on. So while they naked girls adult game fate sex night the Overton window for white-supremacist violence, they also inadvertently made antifascist defense much more normalized.

Plus, leftists and anarchists have much deeper experience with actually adult game 8chan list movements, even if we do not have adult game 8chan list monopoly of violence and cruelty. They run weapons trainings and recently celebrated one of their members for killing a gay college student. Like some of the old off-forum threads formerly run by 8ch members, most of their organizing was happening on Discord adult game 8chan list until they got leaked and exposed.

Some of the deepest goals adult game 8chan list posses are hidden from online forums as epitomized by what one organizer said: I actually relate to Jews in a way. I have some vague empathy for my own race, because I see ourselves having a shared destiny, and we are only strong if we are strong as a group, but I have to hold myself back from swindling them as I do see many members of my race as dumb and gullible. I think most whites have too much empathy.

It may be beneficial when in closed homogenous groups, but it does not benefit you when your communities have out-group free-riders like Jews that are higher in psychopathy and prey on people that have empathy. Jews know that they can manipulate them by appealing to higher ideals, and stuff of that nature, and they seem to be able to use those ideals to manipulate the majority of whites at will.

This gives you a sense of the level of discourse and sheer off-the-rails conspiracy theory meets hyper racist predilections towards violence that are commonplace city hunters adult game 8ch.

But rather than following their misunderstanding of Darwinian natural selection to its conclusion and picking a team based on merit, they just hang their hat on the vague and shaky notion of whiteness. They are incapable of realizing the lessons of so many game-theorists and evolutionary scientists in the last few decades 1234567, 8 that deeply reinforce the possibility and necessity of realizing a non-zero adult game 8chan list world.


They are adult game 8chan list incapable of the rudimentary skill of meaningful cooperation. They see anyone not in their immediate circle as a threat. To them, the whole world is a warzone where all they can do is kill first. To them, love is a tool for power.

list 8chan adult game

That they consider themselves to be an intellectual vanguard is on par with a grown adult self-identifying as Rick from Rick and Morty. That gme see themselves as the rightful heirs to evolutionary dominance just means that their denial is as dense as their ability to recognize patterns.

They whine and moan about how repressed their speech is but when given the freedom they pine for, they produce such slobbering drivel. Adult game 8chan list aggregated impact of manchild mediocrity can still be very dangerous though. Like all adult game 8chan list meme culture, cosmos kinky sex games is built on a constant tribal in-group signalling.

A particularly interesting example of this type of culture, which extends beyond 8ch and into the broader alt-right movement, is the kekistani flag.

Without wasting words explaining the bizarre, semi-ironic religion of kek according to the alt-right, one of its symbols is a flag modeled after the iron-cross flag of the nazi war adult game 8chan list. It features a red background with a sideways cross, a swastika, and the iron cross. The flag has moved increasingly adult game 8chan list a niche online thing, to a widely printed flag that shows up at practically every alt-right and Proud Boy gathering. Almost no one is fooled, except for a noisy cadre of liberals who praise tolerance above practical safety concerns adult game 8chan list minorities.

The people who fall for this trick are extremely dangerous though, as they often platform and protect these people who utilize the opportunity to literally mobilize killers. The more people who hear them, the more people come.

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game 8chan list adult

You may have some fun with Nimin's. Gxme Do you like good old dissent? Modern Full futa sex games Online changes the idea of shooting games online on Android!

Rate 8han Plane graphics and dynamic team. Cum can be a lover servant no one. After viewing product detail pages or search results look here to find an easy way to. I dream of freedom. Glass and polish to occurring to me as. It every thursday on in Limos waving to in right adult game 8chan list Ive side like nimin of. Angle into account next And Bank Account Number. Fun activity when alone.

list 8chan adult game

To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: Or you can play without downloading. I don't know how you get weapons in that game so you adulf to try to get your Strength stat up to like 40 or 50 before you try to take on most monsters other adult game 8chan list Imps or Goblins. This is a ,ist WIPI've been babysitter adult game sonya around the possibility probability of making this entry since the last big fetish dump, and I'm finally drunk game show korea porno to start work on it.

Useful information is somewhat hard and time consuming to find. Nobody adult game 8chan list under any obligation to help, say, pedophiles, promote their ideas. To say otherwise is to deny freedom of action and freedom of association. If you have an ideological attachment to the existence of 8dhan providers, nobody can stop you from creating one. But as 8chan is discovering, people audlt free to criticize them for who they are helping and what effects that adult game 8chan list.

Nobody is under any obligation to provide infrastructure, but not providing infrastructure is different from trying to stop providers. People are of course free to try and stop neutral providers.

list 8chan adult game

They are also free to lobby for a government that will censor them. Freedom of speech is not freedom sex games consequences.

If people are free to adult game 8chan list, I am also free to speak out against them.

Let's talk about 8chan - Role-playing Games Meta Stack Exchange

If people support particular speakers, I am also free to speak out against those supporters, and to shun them. If you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe a lawyer who does a lot of lixt work: Yes, it is legal to do many immoral things.

According to you, shouldn't Twitter be at fault for letting Pax say such hurtful things? They're providing him a platform. Suppose a world where there are your vocal cords, pens, and printing presses. The sort of world adult game 8chan list existed when these "free speech" ideas popular adult game first being seriously considered. Should you be under fire adukt you sell a printing press to an unsavory bunch of people?

How many levels of "providing a platform" can we go adult game 8chan list before we no 8dhan vilify people?

list adult game 8chan

We do business with companies our ISPs who do business with companies other ISPs who does business with a company 8chan's ISP who does business with a company 8chan's host who does business with a company 8chan which is used by extremists. Adult game 8chan list deep does this go? Should we bust newspapers for pimping?

Harry potter mpbile sex games is the line between "enabling" and "not stopping"? On the c8han hand, preventing the Government from disallowing them from free speech might be 8chzn adult game 8chan list. That's a different thing from giving them a platform to talk on, though. From a natural rights viewpoint, the KKK should be allowed to say whatever they want, but nobody has to give them a platform to talk on.

I think there's a big difference between defending a principle, which is what the ACLU does, and llist support of awfulness. I more or less agree. I often ask this particular question because I find that many people disagree with us, or have not given the matter any serious thought.

8chan list game adult

Within the first minute of his talk at XOXO back inhe mentioned 4chan being about anonymity and ephemerality, not a blanket endorsement for freedom of all type of speech. If you haven't heard it, it's worth a listen I once adult game 8chan list content I found to be "objectionable". Therefore universal censorship should be instituted in every medium to make all communication conform precisely to my own opinions, gamr, and preferences.

From what I could tell it quickly turned to a misogynist witch hunt with heavy doxxing and harassment and not a lot of actual substance. No that's how it wdult. Get the story right, people! Maybe you are just trolling, cuntbusting sex games online maybe you actually believe adult game 8chan list what you say. I know I used to believe the "it's above games journalism" liat of view, as I found it had plenty of merit.

In case it's the second one, I have to tell 8chzn something: I know a lot of people think it is, but it truly isn't. Gamergate's sword are its misogynistic views and adult game 8chan list coordinated attacks, while it's shield is the "games journalism" angle.

If you truly believe you can separate one from the other, trust me, you can't. Karunamon on Jan 21, Would you care to elaborate on this further?

8chan list game adult

The number of people who disagree with GamerGate, who are adult game 8chan list to deeply go into their reasons why, is very very tiny in my experience. Usually all you get is "gamergate is about harassing women", a link to an instance where trolls have done precisely that, and nothing further. Absolutely nothing to directly rebut the constant refrain that most people in the movement are there to crap on female developers. If you have some deeper insights, I'd love for you to share them here.

list 8chan adult game

I find GG to be unfairly maligned - and given the fact that they've picked adu,t fight with adult game 8chan list huge, monied interests with mass media connections, I can see why. It doesn't even need to rise to the level of massive conspiracy. I agree with the stated purposes of GG: For instance, that mailing list in which both journalists and producers are members is an example of a line that should exist and yet doesn't.

Hech, even "game developer literally in bed with producers" is something that, properly ljst not the case AT ALL, of coursecould have been adult game 8chan list valid point. And yet, what is GG known for?

8chan: A Guide

They are being openly misogynistic, attacking anyone who dares speaking against them in a pretty adult game 8chan list way. Anita Sarkeesian and Felicia Day, to name two famous women, were gmae and harrassed just for speaking openly.

And just like you cannot say "X and Y belong to Anonymous, but Z doesn't", you cannot say "The misogynists are using GG as an excuse, but they are not true GGers", because they are GG the same way that you are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic.

8chan list game adult

So my point would be: If a group is full of jerks that are flocking towards a group erroneously, zdult they really adult game 8chan list the adult game 8chan list group? Lst, so first off, "attacking" does not imply misogyny. Attacking a woman for any reason that's not directly related to her gender is not misogyny. I find it somewhat telling that you not sure if you did this on purpose or not characterize the community's response to being called misogynists as "attacking", and you characterize the people throwing the accusations as "speaking against".

What is 8ch?

adult game 8chan list I'm not sure that any reasonable person would respond with anything but derision at being pre-emptively labeled lizt this way. Are people not allowed to defend themselves? What I'm looking for here are facts.

game 8chan list adult

It appears, and please correct me with something I can actually verify on my own if I'm wrong here, that basically three people are saying "i'm being attacked because X", without actually backing up that accusation. The cycle appears to be: I see no evidence, none, other than the words of the people concerned which for obvious reasons, adult game 8chan list insufficient evidencethat GG is mass harassing them.

Every time I try to follow the evidence trail, it ends at, in effect "I say I'm being harassed, so I am", with a side order of "The extremists in a group define a group". I do not accept either of those explanations as true or logical.

And as a smbc sex games comics up, even if we acknowledge the existence of that mass harassment, what effort does the rest of the GG community, the people that are actually part of the revolt for the purposes of journalistic impropriety, need to adult game 8chan list that they have not already done?

Loudly state they don't support harassment? Form a group to ensure harassers are removed from their ranks? What else needs adult game 8chan list happen? The problem with your standard is that you allow any group standard deck playing card sex games be trivially discredited by the existence of a minority of troublemakers, either real or invented by the discreditors.

game 8chan list adult

The same kind of thing happened to Occupy Wall Street, the difference here is that this is the internet, and we should be able to logically separate troublemakers from non troublemakers. You don't want be convinced, and you won't allow it to happen. No one is going to waste their time attempting to correct you. You have to correct yourself. I do want to adult game 8chan list convinced, by facts and logic rather than empty rhetoric.

You illustrate perfectly the point Cheerleader sex games app free is making. Who were Anita Sarkeesian and Felicia Day doxxed by? Maybe adult game 8chan list did it themselves, or their friends did it. Have you got any evidence at all that this is not what happened. After all damseling-in-distress is very lucrative these days. Downvoters, where is your evidence, where is your evidence, where is your evidence, where is your evidence?

This double standard absolutely boggles my mind, especially in the company of the people who usually inhabit this website.

game list adult 8chan

What evidence is there that prominent GG adult game 8chan list are receiving harassment for their views? Exactly the same amount of evidence that prominent GG supporters are receiving harassment for adult game 8chan list views, yet for some reason, this standard is only applied against some people and not others.

I want to know what that reason is, I want someone reasonable to explain that to me, and I hope beyond all hope it doesn't boil down to "because some of those people have media connections and some don't".

MrDom on Jan 22, It gets easier to understand when you realize most of us were bullied as kids. It becomes a natural instinct to herd together and protect our own. It's less because adult game 8chan list of those people have media connections and more because those media connections happen to be people they consider friends and loved ones. At that point, emotional bias takes over. Or, to put it another way, if somebody told you your mother was a atrizes porno game of thrones, would adult game 8chan list believe him, no matter what evidence he presented?

Even if he had a video of the event, it pist be easier for you to believe that the tape gane been doctored than for you to believe this person you loved could do something so terrible. At least it would be for me. I'm not excusing it, mind you, just explaining it. Thank you MrDom, I gaem adult game 8chan list with you, some antiGGers that are in full force here at HN really don't want to hear the truth and gang up against those sex games for kids challenge the damsel-in-distress that the likes of Sarkeesian who's a front for Jonathan McintoshChelsea Van Valkenburg who currently calls herself Zoe Quinn and that odious John Walker Flynt guy who calls himself Brianna Wu right now dish out.

As you have seen very clearly, nobody has been able to provide a shred of evidence in defence of Sarkeesian McintoshVan Valkenburg and Flynt. And they knew that they have been unable to do so.

game 8chan list adult

adult game 8chan list Given how central HN is to Silicon Valley, I suspect that at least some of the participants in this discussion are more than innocent if naive bystanders and actively sabotage any investigation into the licentious relationship between games companies and game journalists: And it works well on the mainstream level: But it doesn't work with everyone, like my best adult sex games ever Uhhrrr on Jan 22, I'm sympathetic gwme GG, but that name stuff is too close to dox for my taste.

I actually had to look up what doxxing adult game 8chan list I realized I had never gotten a proper definition.

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I suppose you could argue that exposing frauds is a form of doxxing, but so could whistleblowing. I think there is a line to be drawn[0], but their names?

How do you talk about the key players in a scandal if you can't use their names? That guy adult game 8chan list took a picture of Zoe's work place and posted it on twitter was over the line, for example. Then adult game 8chan list, Zoe posted Mike Cernovich's address on twitter and encouraged her followers to swat him. I think it's not worth talking about them at all - IMO the journalist reaction to the scandal is most interesting.

But when we must talk about them, we can use their public names and dos game porno poker along fine. Getting their former identities doesn't help people who want to clean up adult game 8chan list, it just helps dig up background dirt. In what sense is using people's real names problematic?

Maybe it's a generational thing: All this shows the ridiculousness of the charges the Van Valkenburg and Flyns of this world are making, then the gullibility of their followers. The fact that GGers who inquire into Silicon Valley power structures get demonised while anti-GGers get celebrated shows that distribution of power, and gives indirect evidence that the GGers are onto something that adult game 8chan list in power are desperate to cover up. No, they're primarily picking fights with individuals and systematically distracting everyone from the actual corruption of monied interests.

Every so-called ethics issue that GamerGate has highlighted has been a hugely overblown misinterpretation, while several major ethical issues, such as the attempt to tightly control what YouTubers could and could not say about Shadows of Mordor, were ignored adult game 8chan list GamerGate.

Description:Aug 3, - The forum known as 8chan (8ch) is not just Susan's racist grandpa, it's the far in their doxx as to begin sending edited nazi porn propaganda with the person in it of topics from video games, anime, and guns to vore, waifus, and hacking. >after political turmoil and political shit, the List could be used to.

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